fr m 2 you

salam.. aku dah balik nak aktif.. mgkin korg pun dah pula kat aku. tapi tak kisah,, dah lama sgt aku tak menulis pun. aku skrg. dah balik mesia. dan dah keje. keja aku wiring. buat sana buat sini. tu yg lama tak update blog. jrg2 sgt nak buka pun.ok// sesekali korg dtg lah yer. ada masa nnti. aku jengok korgnye. blog. buat masa ni. masa ckup susah utk aku mngadap com.

ok see u later.


hari ni,

salam and hi. have a gooday. for anybody come here. how are you? for person reading this post rite now. ok? sick? just answer for yourself ;D . im today, like everyday for worktime, at coffehouse. im workers. im work there as manpower. salary? did u want to know, how much? ermm. convert with ringgit malaysia. just around 370. but i dont care. just a few day again. i want goes back to malaysia. emm. i think there malaysia its my life want go on. im work here just for live n life. nothing for finance. but im happy because here have something special i like its..ermm.. did u know today? today is nothing to do, just simple basic averyday at workplace. clean table, plate, glass and a few thing cooker gadget. see later ...peace...